May 22, 2008

Brought Daughter to the ER today

My daughter called me around 10:15 and told me she was throwing up more blood and that the doctor had told her to go to the ER. We got to the ER at 11:34 am and we were finally called back to see the doctor at 1pm.

We saw the doctor and told him everything from Monday doctor's visit and about this morning and he asked her if she was coughing up or vomiting. I told the doctor she hasn't been coughing and my daughter told him she was laying down and tasted the blood coming up. His reply: he said he didn't know what to tell us!

I was not happy to hear that! This is an older doctor and he doesn't know what to tell us? Does that make any sense? lol

He then said he can do an x-ray and blood test to be sure there isn't anything life threatening and asked if we wanted to do that. I mean it was like this doctor didn't want to touch my daughter at all!

We didn't get results until after 4pm and the x ray's were taken around 2:20 or so and the blood work was taken at 2:48.

When the nurse came in, it was simply the doctor diagnosed her with Gastritis(bleeding of the stomach lining). She now needs a GI specialist. Continue to take the meds her doc prescribed for her.

She is calling her doctor in the morning to see if she can refer her to one. If she does, it will be a free doctor or one who does the sliding scale payments. No insurance for all this.

The GI specialist will tell her the diet she needs, etc.

So this is where we stand right now.

Please say a prayer that things work out for my daughter and she doesn't need surgery

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