Oct 15, 2011

Boy O Boy!

This is more of a vent than a post. lol But I can't help it. I am so aggravated!

My husband has been having problems with his back. Ok they did an MRI on him and found he has arthritis in his lower right back side. Well, it hurts, unbelievably hurts him daily. They gave him pain pills that really don't kill the pain and they gave him muscle relaxers and all that does is MAKE HIM SLEEP! This is the vent part!

I'm so tired of him sleeping! I asked him nicely to stop taking the muscle relaxers and he did. Today, he took one! He knocked out for 6 hours and I finally got him up to take his BP meds and eat something and he said he just wants to lay back down and go back to sleep! I thought meds were suppose to help you get better, not knock you out!

He doesn't go back to the dr until next month, I'm making the appointment for the beginning of November so we don't have to play this game any more! I want a referral to a dr who specializes in arthritis. I'm guessing he has Rheumatoid or Fibro. Just because he has other symptoms that point in both those ways. All the dr said the MRI said was arthritis, so when I point out his other problems and ask her if they could be related to one of those, I hope she says yes! My neighbor thinks he has Rheumatoid, I think it's possible Fibro.

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