May 22, 2008

David Cook wins American Idol Season 7

I am so happy David Cook is the new "American Idol", he is very deserving of this title. This is the very fist Rocker American Idol winner. I can't wait for his CD. I love how he changed many of the songs he sang. I sure hope Michael John's CD is a good one, I plan on purchasing that one as well.

I did think David Archuletta was going to win just by how Simon was and you know everyone listens to Simon Cowl. lol Not this time and I am happy that Simon appologized to David Cook last night as he did not deserve to be dissed like Simon was doing.

I wonder what season 8 will be like? Can they top this season? It was all talent this time, although I didn't like 3 of the contestant, they did have some talent.

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