Jan 25, 2010



The Saints are on their way to Miami in 2 weeks! I tell you it's such a fantastic feeling to have your team earn their way to the biggest game of the year! This team has been working on getting to this game for 43 years and it's such an awesome feeling today to know that the curse so many thought we had over our team is finally OVER!

Now we will have 2 more weeks of Saints Songs coming out and lots more FUN! Can't wait for it! Too bad our players can't go to the pro bowl, but hey, it was nice that they were invited to play, sort of stupid to have that game before the Superbowl though! There are 9 starters who won't be in the pro bowl!

I told my husband that we will always remember when they went to the Superbowl and he asked me how and I told him the year we got married the team made it to the Superbowl! Now if we had gotten married a long time ago, would that have changed things? Have no idea, but what a coincidence!

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