Sep 22, 2008

Digital Cable Problems since Hurricanes hit

Cox Cable is giving credit for 4 days from Sept 1st - Sept 4th due to Hurricane Gustav. I think that is fantastic.

Now my problem is we came home on Sept 4th and our cable had problems, the box had a problem coming on. I called like the next day and had a refresh signal sent to the box after I tried resetting the box because when I tried to go to my DVR list, it read to retry list or reset box, so I reset the box. Nothing happened, so I called a Tech. They sent a signal and nothing happened, so they sent a Tech out.

1st Tech came on Sept 8th said I shouldn't be coming off of 3 splitters and that I had a low signal. He would send in the paper work for me to set up a schedule for re wiring. Ok a week went by, no call, so I called them. They send out another tech. He says I have a low signal and he is referring my case to the plant (poll specialist) and so no problem.

The guy from the plant came out Friday. My signal is just fine and it's a box problem. He told me to have a TECH come out with a box and set it up just incase it wasn't a box problem the tech would already be here to trouble shoot. Well, that didn't work. lol They wanted $51 to do that! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!

Now I go today to swap out my box for another one. I am praying all the way home that this works. lol Well, I call Tech and the try to send a signal, nothing then the girl tells me the reason that happened was because I was disconnected. NO I AM NOT!

I hung up on her, called back by this time I am steaming mad! I talked to someone in billing who talked to someone in Tech for me. She also verified that I was not disconnected and don't have a disconnect date listed. lol I knew that! So the Tech sends me an activation signal. I was praying all the way and well, I am still without my DVR.

He set me up with an appt for a Tech to come out to test the wiring. I asked him if that would cost me if anything needed to be redone and he said no if something is wrong with their wire or equipment, it is on them to fix it. I had a Tech tell me I had to pay for it, that's why I asked. lol

I have gotten nothing but the run around since Sept 8th! I was credited $25 and that's fine. I am being credited from now until Oct 1st when my DVR box should be working again. I need to call and see if I am being credited for HBO and all channels above 77 as all I have is basic tv to watch now so I need those credits.

This has been my day, and the last few weeks.

I hope your's has been better.

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