Sep 17, 2010

Pain, Pain and No Surgery Date Yet!

Ok so I went to see a GYN today and I was not happy with the resutls. See I've been having problems with my cycle for the past 2 years or so and the pain is not cramps, just litterally PAIN! It isn't getting any better, it only gets worse, it's constant and not only with my cycle!

My primary dr sent me for an ultra sound where they found 2 fibroids and 1 cyst and they can't find my right ovary. So my dr referred me to a GYN and told me I'd need surgery because of how the results looked.

So today I'm sitting in the office waiting for the dr. A woman dr walks in and I show her my ultra sound test results that my primary dr gave me to bring with me and I told her that she thought I needed surgery. She says well, that's up to me to say! I'm thinking "OK no problem but you better figure out how to make this PAIN leave!" lol

I then told her about my family history as she asked questions. Then on to the problem I'm having. She told me that I need to prove medically failed, which means either taking birth control pills! HELLO! NO! I'm 45, I am not going to have any more kids and besides that, I was on them and got off of them 20 yrs ago because of other problems I had that went away when I stopped using them, so NO! Or taking some other medication which she says will make my cycle better......what about the PAIN?!

So, I go next week for a mamogram (September 22) and then back to the GYN on the 24th for a pap and some exam they do to make sure nothing is cancerous. Oh and I asked if she could tell if I had endometriosis and she said no you can only find that out in surgery! HELLO!!

My sister had the same exact thing I have and so did my aunt, and I told her this, so I'm hopeful after 2 months of this new medicine, she decides surgery is best. I don't think the meds will work because nothing else has! She said she was put me on a waiting list with 4 other people for a surgery date earlier than December! Do you think I'll get one? I don't!

My daughter's getting married in December, so there's NO way I'm messing that up for her! When I go to her wedding, someone better have a good pain pill for me, so I can have fun and dance like I was looking forward to. I just don't get how a hospital can be backed up on surgery?! Stupid if you ask me.

I'm aggravated and tired. Tired of dealing with pain all the time!

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