Jul 8, 2009

Nothing Is Ever Right!

Do you ever feel that what ever you do, no matter how you do it, it's never right?

Well, let me tell you about this. I have turned this blog into my personal blog because I need to be able to release my stress from things.

Yesterday I had to go to the hospital and had all kinds of test done to find out that I was having an anxiety attack! Too much stress and the last thing I need is stress with doing something I LOVE to do!

Here it goes:
Today, I got an email from another blogger asking me not to copy. She started out her email with it has come to "her" attention, like she is the head honcho of blogging!

Ok this is a FREEBIE blogger! She finds freebies and list them on her blog! There are SEVERAL of these types of bloggers and I have one as well.

Anyway, if you can't copy the freebies, then why have the blog! Just because the freebie is listed on a certain blog does NOT in any way mean it is COPYRIGHTED! NOTHING is copyrighted unless you pay to have it copyrighted! If this was fact, do you know how many people would be in trouble for copy right infringement??

Do you know how many blogs/sites/yahoogroups there are for FREEBIES???!!!! PLENTY!!

Everyone finds the same freebies in one way or another, so this put a bit of stress on me and so I'm writing my feelings out about it.

It just depends on how you describe the item. Now if you take a sniplet and change the words, that's NOT copying and if I did copy, then I do apologize about that.

I ALWAYS give credit to the bloggers where I found it and their link so who ever reads it on my blog can also visit theirs! Also if a link isn't working on their site, I email them and tell them! I thought I was doing the right thing!

My problem is and I've been thinking about this a lot, I give credit to them and send visitors to their blogs, I have a yahoogroup with over 100 members who wouldn't know about these other blogs if not for me. lol They are also on my blogroll and I am NOT on theirs!

When I first started blogging (even now) and was asking for link exchanges or to be friends there was NO interest. I was told NO by one blogger, she didn't have room! WTH??!!

Why is it so important for other bloggers to stay in their little circle and not let anyone new in?? What is so wrong in helping a newbie?

I am in NO way trying to start trouble here, I just want to fully understand this and get rid of the stress I felt when I read that email. I mean she was nice, don't get me wrong, but still, if any bloggers have a problem with me or anyone else, why not step up and say something themselves?

7 Online Copyright Myths
“As long as I note the author’s name, I can use their site’s content on my site.” Although you are being nice and giving credit where credit is due, you still need to ask the author’s permission to post their work on your site. The author may not want their information posted anywhere off their own site or they many not approve of your site as a venue for their information - that is their choice to make not yours. Just because you choose to give credit doesn’t give you permission. Always ask a site owner if you can use their content before you put it on your site. http://www.theistudio.com/muse/7-online-copyright-myths/

Now this is for copying their work, not freebies, freebies are listed all over the internet and if that is copyright infringement, then everyone should stop sending them to groups and posting them to blogs and telling everyone they know about it!

Also I haven't picked any freebies from this blogger in a while. lol

Thanks for visiting my blog,

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