Jul 6, 2009

Picky Picky Picky

Have you ever wondered what makes a person so picky? I do a lot!

I have been with the same man for 26 yrs, we recently got married (5/22/09) and I just can't tell you how picky he has become. lol I thought it was suppose to be women who were picky, but he is worse than me!

For Instance:
I have plants that are suppose to be outside, but our temperatures have been topping at 100 and they started to wilt, so I took them inside. I brought them to the sink and rinsed off the bottom and side of the pots (I have one of those hose sprayers on my faucet). I took a towel and put it on the floor and then set the plants on the towel. Trust me when I say there were NO bugs on these pots.

The plants have been indoors for a few days now. Today, it was a rainy day, so I put ALL the plants back out to get fresh rain water and some air to help them grow. I have NOT brought them back inside, it is suppose to be the same way tomorrow, so I figure they'll be ok out there.

My husband just complained to me about the towel that is still on the floor! He thinks I should have taken it and shook it out becaue of the little microscopic bugs! HUH?? What bugs?? I take the plants and water them at my sink every evening (not over watering, just being sure they have it and the pots are clean). lol

This really urked me because I don't like bugs of any kind and for him to say that to me was really unfair.
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