Jul 9, 2009

Is Copying A Freebie considered a Copyright issue?? If so why?

I am a member of several yahoogroups. I've been a member of 1 group for a few years now and I thought I had made a few good friends. Well, this one person I thought was a friend is really pissing me off now.

Last night I simply wrote an email to my groups asking if anyone knew if posting a freebie on your blog/forum or whatever is a copyright violation. Now I'm asking about the freebie, not anything else.

You know I got several replies telling me not to worry about it that the person who complained had to have found the freebies from someplace before listing on their blog and it was not a copyright issue. I also had someone check my blog and told me I was not in any violations!

Well, this person on one of my groups is saying it is a copyright violation (she's the only one saying this) but she gets her freebies and sends them in as well! LOL

She just doesn't get it! She keeps telling me it's there work. lol I keep telling her we aren't talking about their work, their words, just the freebie itself! This was last night.

Today she writes back all pissy! Telling me I don't understand and she doesn't have time to sit and explain it. WTH??!!! LOL I'm not an idiot! I know what a copyright is!

This is what really pissed me off with her! She also tells me I can't blame anyone else for my stress. HELLO??!! Don't even go there! What I put in that email was that I couldn't get stressed and I was pissed. Didn't put the blame on anyone there!

So my question is could you stay friends with this person?? Could you stay in the same group with this person? I hate having to decide this, I really don't want to leave the group, but I just can't stay around this person any longer.

I just took one of my anxiety pills as my chest is starting to hurt again. I thought this person was a friend, but I find today, she really isn't.

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