Aug 9, 2008

It takes a sick person to do this Full Story

*WARNING, graphic content of animal abuse*

This is my friends email to us after we all asked her if she had called the police.

"Yes, we did report it to the police. The police came & had another officer come to look at my cat. He called in another officer who took photos & has been working on other cases of cats they found. One had been cut up & another had his head cut off. (I think they should have warned the town in the paper!!) I remember reading last year about a missing cat, the women saw it on her doorstep & the organs had been removed, also. They put the cat back on her steps so she would find it like this. I feel this was the case w/ our cat, too. They knew we would look where we looked. Last night at around 10:30, we heard a cat screeching for its life. The police couldn't say for sure if someone did this to my cat, they say he could have died of old age & animals could have done it after he died. They did wonder why there was no blood or signs of fighting. A pitbull could have done it. I can tell someone did it, it was horrible. He looked terrified when he died. That is the hardest part for me.

The strange thing is on Tue. I had my pic. taken with Tiger. I don't think I have had our pic. taken in years. Wed am, he was gone. I saw him at 3:00 am when I brought my Mom to the airport, by 6am I was home. He never came back. My kids and the neighbor boy found in the next day. We searched for him all day. I feel so bad because Jordan found him & went running to pick him up, thinking he was hurt, and they got to him & saw him cut open. It was horrible, really, really sad.

I just wish I had never let my cat outside but he was abandoned when we got him (11 years ago-he was around 12 now) & he was so unhappy being inside all of the time that I let him outside to enjoy the sunshine & fresh air. Poor cat always stayed in front of the garage door or near the front door or stayed on the back patio. He would ocassionally venture to the neighbor's yard because he had 2 cats.

I live in Navarre, FL. Safe little area of the FL Panhandle. I saw about 10 signs for missing cats when we were out looking for this dog's owner. I wish I would have seen them sooner.

Now the story I was going to tell you was my husband buried our cat & we were all walking out the back patio door to say our last "goodbyes" near his grave. This dog came stumbling through our yard. I was sure this dog must have caught our cat after-all so I followed him, he was at our front door, just panting & dying. Could barely stand up. He then went into our garage & laid down like he was dying. We saw he was old & couldn't have possibly caught our cat so we got him water & put cool towels on him. We brought him into our house so he would live & called a vet. It is the kind of dog my kids always wanted. (A big dog, too. I am nervous around big dogs) We have asked everyone in the neighborhood if they know who's dog it is, none of the kids recognize him, he is not listed on craigslist or on signs or in the papers. He is old & has trouble walking. I still have him in my house. He just seems to be here for a reason, maybe for awhile to get us through this. I tell the kids that someone is searching for him so we can't keep him if someone comes for him. If nobody claims him, we will keep him. It was just so strange, the timing & the dog coming to us, etc. he has kept us busy & is helping us to not focus on Tiger 100% of the time. What do you think of this????"

I told her I think the dog is God's way of trying to occupy their minds, so they don't dwell too much on their loss and what happened. They will still feel the pain, but not dwell on it as much, especially the kids.

How about you all, what is your opinion on this??????

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