Oct 4, 2008

My Daughter's Hurt Foot

On Wednesday Afternoon I got a phone call from my daughter. I answered the phone and all I heard from the other side was "Mom you're coming with me to the hospital tonight!" I stayed calm and asked "what happened" of course thinking she was making something minor into something major. Sometimes she is more afraid that it is worse and needs medical attention. lol NOT this time!

This is my daughter's foot! She went to the hospital and they told her that she sprained the ligaments in her ankle/foot!

She did this getting out of a Penske truck! They are like UHaul's. Now it wasn't one you use for moving, it was another truck. She was getting out of her friends truck and she missed the step and landed the wrong way on her foot. She couldn't get up to walk. Her friend had to help her up and into her home.

This is the cast my daughter's foot was wrapped in. She had gauze wrapped around her foot and then the cast and then 2 ace bandages wrapped around the cast! She is off of work until Monday!

She was here yesterday, so I could help her and take care of her. She wanted to take it all off, because she wants to get use to not having it all on so she can go back to work. It still hurts a lot though. She is on Vicoden for pain.

While she was here yesterday, we watched Sex In The City The Movie. LOL All I can say is it was well worth the wait to see it!
I will buy the movie someday!

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