Aug 11, 2008

My Chocolate Gift was delivered today.

I received this wonderful package from my chocolate buddy today. She made it look so special by putting it all in a gift bag with a note attached.

Inside the gift bag were:
An Ultimate Chocolate Recipe book!
Milano Double Chocolate Cookies!
Chocolate Skittles (Lg bag)!
6 Chocolate chip muffins (NEW) from little Debbie!
Chocolate Velvet Coffee from Millstone!
Chocolatey Peanut Butter Crackers (I have never seen these)!
And YUMMY Chocolate Marshmellows!

In my opinion she put a lot of thought into this gift.
I now have dessert, breakfast and snacks all of which I will certainly enjoy! I absolutely loved opening my package today.

Want to join the club?
The person who sent this to me is a member of the 40ish_Parents group.
Just let them know Sandra sent you!

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