Apr 5, 2008

So confused........

Ok I am totally confused about the medical profession. I saw a dr. for disibility Thrusday, and she told me that what I was told I had (scoliosis), I don't have, or it isn't enough to make me hurt like I am hurting!

I had an accident in 2003, x-ray at hospital from there to the lawyer, who sent me to the doctor. x-ray there, treatment that didn't help. Sent to an orthopedic who x-rayed me and told me he found scoliosis! Treated me for 1 month and released me as there was nothing else they could do for me.

2005 I went to a chiroprator on a free visit thing I won. Was told my scoliosis got worse and he could not guarantee any treatment would help me. I did not get treatment with a no guarantee on any relief.

2008 tring to get disability as I have given up having any kind of regular life again. Dr. appointment today, x-ray and exam............Dr. say's she feels a small curve in my back, but not enough to cause all the PAIN I am having. Looks at x-ray, shows me the x-ray.........small curve, but not where my pain is!!!!!

She said the curve could be from the way I was standing or the way the machine was!!!!!

Recommedation was to go to a free hospital (university) and get an MRI to check for NERVE damage!!!!!!!! Now I ask you for 5 years (May 24 will make 5 years) NO ONE COULD MENTION NERVE DAMAGE!!!!!

I was in so much pain today and she could tell, as I was moving like I was pregnant SLOW!!!

So I tried to get intouch with my doctor on Friday, so I can get an appointment for him to refer me for an MRI and on my back to see what the heck is going on with me! Guess what, that was a PROBLEM. First the computer's were unavailable, then the lady put me on hold for too long and then they were CLOSED!! They close early on Friday!
So I have to try this again on Monday, praying I don't have as much of a problem.

So I get rid of one nerve problem (my back shribbling) to I don't know what is wrong! All I know is I am glad my back isn't rotting away from scoliosis and I just have to think positively that it is something treatable like a pinched nerve and I can be free of pain again.

I think they will decline me on disability, but if I can be pain free, I DON'T CARE about the disability, as I can do things like work again (maybe).

I have had a tiring 2 days dealing with this, I pray on Monday, I can put an end to this and make my appointment for the dr and get the MRI in process.

Wish me luck on this, I really would rather the pain leave, then to have disability.

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Nutty about Scoliosis on 4/09/2008 11:25 AM said...

Hi Sandra

I am fellow Scoliosis sufferer and wanted to express my concern over your what has happened to you during the last 5 years.

Where do you live, I was operated on in 1989 by Dr Jackson of Southampton General Hospital in the UK.

If you are in the USA I could probably detail some surgeons from my group for you - we have many people from all over the world who have dealt with various Drs, if I can help I will try.

All the best :)

Shelly on 4/13/2008 10:10 PM said...

Sorry to hear about your medical problems...doctors today seem to be famous for the run-around with no real answers!

Sandra on 4/30/2008 2:52 PM said...

thank you both :)
I appreciate it

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