Aug 17, 2011

We Paid Off A Bill!!!

Last month I posted that we were working on getting out of debt. You can read about that here. It's really happening! Check this out! :)

Last week we paid off our washer and dryer! I was jumping for joy! I couldn't believe it, one bill down and a few more to go! I felt like I could finally start breathing a little. This was a weekly payment and now it's gone!

Our other bills to get rid of is our 42" TV
My laptop
Both will be paid off before Thanksgiving! The TV will be first then the laptop.

Then there's our 3 credit cards! Yep we have them. I don't mind though. They have actually helped my husbands credit score come up and we are paying them on time. So they aren't a problem for now. I do want to pay them off as soon as possible though.

What about you? How's your getting out of debt coming along? Are you starting to breath a bit?

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The Jacobsen Family! on 8/25/2011 1:58 PM said...

YAY! Always a relief to knock out those debts! Congrats!! =)

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