Apr 19, 2008

I have my doctors appointment! Yea! lol

I have a doctor's appointment for April 28th. That is the first available appointment they have. I was trying to get one earlier, but everytime I call, there is nothing else available.

I have to tell him everything that has happened to me since 2003 and all about the idiot chiropractor who showed me x-rays that weren't even mine and pray he will give me a referral for a MRI. I am pretty sure after he examines me and I explain everything including what the disability dr. told me, I'll have no problem. Nervous on what the MRI will find, but I am not going to let myself get all upset over it.

I just hope it is something I can deal with and I didn't mess anything up by waiting 5years unintentionally to fix it.

I wish I could sue that dr, but I don't have those x-rays and well, I need the proof that he showed me the wrong x-rays. I know he did and the disability dr knows it too, but that is not the same as physical proof.

I will post more later after I have seen the doctor.

Thanks for all the comments, I appreciate them.

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