Aug 30, 2011

Will Someone Please Put That Marsh Fire OUT!

Ok so there is a Marsh Fire in Eastern New Orleans. I believe it started Sunday, not quite sure on that. Anyway, yesterday morning when my husband left for work, we smelt something burning, and the streets looked a bit hazey. I told him it may be that Marsh Fire, he thought I was wrong, but the news proved me right! HEHEHE

Anyway, On the news they said with the wind, cities that are not near Eastern New Orleans will see the smoke and smell the fire. There is also an air quality alert because of it! Anyone with Asthma, Bronchitis or Long problems should stay inside, so I stayed in doors yesterday except to go get the mail and it was hard to breath with that smell! People with Asthma and Bronchitis can't inhale that without feeling sick! That's my husband and myself! When he came home yesterday, he was ok, told me he had no problems breathing.

This morning all seemed fine! He came home for lunch, I opened the door and there it was smokey streets and that nauseating smell! So he come in I fixed lunch and when he left to go back to work, it was worse! I inhaled and started chocking! He called me to see if I was OK because he knew it was from all the smoke! Anyway, now that smell is in my HOUSE! I keep a clean smelling house and now all I smell is smokey crap! :(

They are waiting for either rain or for it to burn itself out! What if it doesn't burn out? I'm praying for a storm tonight, I can't handle this smell much longer. It's just not tolerable!

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