Aug 17, 2011

Loosing Weight.

I know there are several of us out there who want to or need to loose weight. I've been one for a few years now. I want to loose 25 pounds! I thought after I had surgery, I'd loose, but I didn't! Now 7 months and 1 week later, my weight is fluctuating and I can't get below 143 lbs! That's only 5 lbs lost!

What am I doing wrong? I know one, I don't exercise. lol That's perhaps my biggest problem. I sit on the sofa, laptop in my lap, and work on my bargains4wahms blog. I read somewhere that you do burn calories doing that, not sure if that's true though.

What I know I am doing right is:
I have a banana for breakfast, along with my 2 cups of coffee. When hubby is off work, we usually have eggs or cereal or something more substantial for breakfast.
Lunch is either a sandwich, tv dinner or something left over from dinner during the week.
I've started eating fruit for snacks. I usually have grapes or strawberries
I drink flavored water, no sugar, no calories
I drink sugar free pink lemonade or tea
I may treat myself to a glass of Coke during the week, but not as often as I would normally drink it
I'm trying to keep to a 1200 calorie per day limit.

Not sure why I can't go below 143, but I am trying my hardest! Going to get a new pair of Jeans on Friday (Free from Old Navy thanks to a friend), I just hope I can find a pair that fits me right in all the right places!

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