Jun 25, 2011

What is it with Stores and Accidents?

I went to Winn Dixie this evening with my daughter and I stepped in Water (a little bit of it). I took the napkins out of my purse and wiped off my feet and my flip flops (I didn't want to slide) and got my husband's beer from the refrigerated shelf and took about 3 steps and found a LOT more water! I slipped!

I could feel myself going back and I grabbed the basket's handle with all my power to hold me up! I was pissed because I had had a similar accident 7 yrs ago (May 25,2003) at the same grocery chain, but different store! All I could think was here we go again!

My daughter asked the person behind the seafood counter for some paper towels, told him what happened and so he called for a mgr and got me some paper towels. I again wiped off my feet and flip flops as I didn't want to slip again and continued to shop.

The MGR came and found me in the store and asked me if I was ok. I thought that was nice to have that be the first thing he asked. lol He was a young manager, but a nice one. He took the accident report, I told him I went backwards when I stepped in the water and felt myself slipping but didn't fall and I thought my back was hurting just from the strain of my all of a sudden trying to do a back flip! lol He also took my name, phone number and address and told me if there was anything I needed to call him.

My back is still hurting a bit. I'm going to take some Aleve and hopefully that helps it go away. I really don't want a redo of 7 yrs ago! I sued them and they filed bankruptcy in the process and I didn't get crap! Everyone who were suing them didn't get a dime!

So please take it from me, look down while walking in the store near refrigerated cases, because you never know when you'll find water!

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