Mar 15, 2010

The View (Week Of March 8th)

On March 8th Sherry did her report on the Oscar's and she is so cute when she gets excited! lol They showed her in her seat at the oscar's and when Precious won she wanted to pop out of her seat, she actually started to get up! :) She wanted to congratulate them right away :)

MARCH 10 – Guests were Forest Whitaker (“Our Family Wedding”); Jesse Ventura (author, American Conspiracies). I watched this show, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Barbara Walters criticized Ventura for his assertion that the Bush administration was somehow involved in the 9/11 terror attacks.

"That the government would deliberately kill 3,000 people, to accuse the President of this, because ... he's protecting oil interests, Governor, that's a terrible accusation to make," Walters said.

THURSDAY, MARCH 11 – Sir Elton John sat in with the women at the table and in on “Hot Topics”; Guest included Eric McCormack (“Who Is Clark Rockefeller?”).
FRIDAY, MARCH 12 – Co - Host Kate Gosselin was back and joined the women and the return of “The View: Fashion Friday” with designer Carolina Herrera.

I am so sorry I am behind.........I'm up to date now. My next post will be on today's show

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