Aug 14, 2009

RIP My Angel Boy

Yesterday we had to do the hardest thing we've ever had to do.

We had to put Duke to sleep. I'm in tears writing this. I miss him so much.

He woke me up yesterday morning while Brian was in the shower. He tried to get up, but fell into the closet door. I just thought he lost his balance and was ok. I got out of bed and called him to me and he tried to walk, but still couldn't get his footing. So I ran to the bathroom to get Brian. After coaching we got him to walk out the room, but he was leaning on the dresser and the wall holding himself up. We got him outside and he fell and he kept trying, but he just couldn't walk. I was begging him to get up and walk, on my hands and knees in the wet grass.

He had the help me look in his eyes, but I just didn't know what to do and Brian told me it was time. We believe he had a stroke. For a few days, we couldn't get him to eat his food, but he'd eat our food. He was also laying in places he never did before including our bedroom when no one was in there.

Yesterday was a horrible day for us, I miss my baby and want him back! This picture was taken on August 5th

RIP My Angel (We miss and love you!)

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