Aug 21, 2009

Man Is It Storming Today!

I'm trying my best to keep my mind occupied and the weather just isn't helping!

Duke and I had a special bond yes, I can blame it on weather! lol Duke hated thunder and lightening and I do too. The last storm we were in, Duke was right by me, not moving and shaking. I on the other hand was screaming at the thunder and got so scared of the lightening, I jumped over him and was ducking!

See that storm hit real close to my home! I heard the thunder hit something and I saw the reflection of the lightening on my keyboard. Duke was there for me even though he was just as scared.

Now for the passed 2 days it's been thundering and lightening and I just try to ignore it (I know that isn't good). He isn't here for me to hug and pet and talk to.

Just feeling the depression I guess. I'm doing better than I was last week (Thursday), but I still miss him, still cry for him, still hurt. We got a sympathy card from the vet staff and I couldn't read it. Brian had to remove it from my hands, as I was crying as I was trying to read it. The wound is still too fresh in my mind. I'm trying to work on the collage I want to make, but I don't think I can do it right now, for the reason of I cry. Maybe, hopefully next month I'll be ok enough to do what I want and not cry or feel miserable.

I wish the storm would end. My washer and dryer are on and I'm on the computer. I don't want either to break because of a storm.

Well, I guess I just needed to vent a little!

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