Jul 6, 2008

My Test Results

I had my appointment for 3:30 Thursday (7/3/08) and so did hubby. lol

Hubby's check up was GREAT! His bp was 139/85 and he doesn't have to go back for 4 months! He really is doing much better.

My update:
The dr told me that they found a fibroid on my uterus, they did not say which side it was on but it is 2cm. There is a cyst in my endometrial stripe region. She said that I would have back pain as well with this too and I told her that is what brought me to her. lol She hadn't looked at my chart she wasn't sure if she was going to charge me or not for the visit. After she opened my chart, she realized I was having pain in back and front. lol

She then gave me a prescription for 800mg of Ibuprofen. I am to start taking it 2 days before my period so I will not have as much pain and it is suppose to ease the flow some (praying on that). She said I am going to be watched for now. I go in 4 months for another pap and if I am bleeding too much or am in TOO much pain, I need to go in and see her and then she will refer me to the GYN.

Keep in mind this is a regular dr, not a GYN so I am getting good care from a straight dr. lol

Just wanted to let you all know what the dr said and what is going on for now. She said she could recommend me birth control pills as that is what they usually do and I said no. I explained why and she understood.

The dr I go to is with Daughter's of Charity, so she could not prescribe any, but she was going to tell me where to go if I wanted to do that. lol

July 4th:
The pain pills WORK! I felt absolutely NO pain yesterday morning. I started to get a little pain, but I think it was because I was doing a lot and we had a small 4th of July party with my daughter and her boyfriend, played WII games, and grilled. lol

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