Jun 20, 2008

Our new house

We moved in this week (Monday was the big day) and we are very happy here. Our dog LOVES the yard and he is an inside dog. lol He wants to be outside now. lol That's a good thing :)

After we are all settled in, I'll post pics of how the furniture is. We got our Washer and Dryer too. Brand New Whirlpool Cabrio's and they are AWESOME!!!

Within these last few weeks, we have had nothing but good luck come to us and I pray it continues for us.

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Eugenie on 6/24/2008 6:57 AM said...

Hi there honey, so glad that all went well with the house. It looks great and once the boxes are unpacked you will think you've been living there for ages.

When we moved to the Dom Rep we had 115 packing boxes and there are still some things that are in their wrapping paper (ornaments, pictures etc.) and it is 8 months since we moved in!

I have been having problems with myLot and can't seem to reply to any discussions, I've tried to email the admin but that's not working either (keeps telling me to resubmit) and I don't know why or what I've done? I haven't been around much anyway!?!?? :(

But I'm glad to see that you are busy making your house look even more beautiful. Let me know when you take some photos with everything in its rightful place. Would love to see it then too!

Take care honey and hope to catch up with you in myLot.

Wickedangel xx

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