May 20, 2008

What a day yesterday

Yesterday was hubby's doctor's apointment. He stayed home from work. He wasn't sure if he could do his job and didn't want to hurt himself more, so I told him he could stay home. I was not pushing him to go to work, not knowing what was wrong with him.

Around 7:30am my daughter calls me upset about the roommate not paying them this week and they needed the money. About 30 minutes later she calls me and tells me she is coming home. She threw up at work and it was blood. Got her a doctor appt for the same time as hubby's (they squeezed her in).

Well, verdict on hubby was 180/103 blood pressure and so they did an EKG and that was fine the only abnormality was his ST that brings the oxygen to his heart. He is now on 2 blood pressure pills and also something for heartburn (Prilosec). I talked to the doc without hubby, going inbetween daughter and him to know what is going on with both. lol She said he will be fine. He goes back in 3 weeks for a checkup. I am so glad he didn't end up in the hospital.

The doc told him that going to work last Wednesday instead of the hospital he could have dropped dead, not knowing what was wrong and come to find out he thought it was a lot worse than it is and was afraid to find out. He is relieved himself now.

Daughter has a bleeding ulcer. She is on prilosec too. She needs to be stress free. I was not happy to hear this and I told her this and I told the boyfriend also. He needs to have a talk with the roommate and get rid of him if possible. I understand he doesn't want to kick him out on the street, but it is coming down to that. I don't want my daughter any worse. The doc said we caught it in time, so I am happy about that. If we keep her stress free, we won't have to worry about her getting this way again.

I had a headache from noon yesterday till today. Nothing but a stress headache worrying about the 2 most important people in my life. I need to take care of me too. I am eating healthier and trying to cut the soft drinks slowly.

Hubby has to cut beer and daughter has to cut caffine. We all have something to work on to better ourselves.

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