May 28, 2008

We like the house

We looked at the house and hubby liked it. It has a huge yard. It is in the front, and there is a side yard with a carport that our dog can lay under when he wants to go outside :) I have to fill in the referance sheet and then hopefully we will get the house. I am so excited! This is like Christmas 6 months early. lol

I just can't believe how fast we found this house and that it is a really nice house on the inside and out. Hubby said he hopes we get it because it will be a step in the right direction and we need to take that step.

We have had our problems off and on with him taking a day or 2 off because of him not feeling well, but that should all be over now with his blood pressure pills. I have a budget set for us and all he has to do is allow me to follow it :) I will post it on the fridge door so he can see it. lol

We have to buy a washer, dryer, refridgerator and a bedroom set. I will be checking craigslist, freecycle and to see if I can find these things. I am also looking for a treadmill. Need to excercise and this house has space for it. lol

I am turing in the paper tomorrow and hopefully will have good news on Friday :)

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