May 28, 2008

House For Rent

I wanted so badly to own my own home, but I found a home for rent yesterday. I called about it this morning and am going to look at it this evening. I really hope we can get this house. Hubby isn't too enthused about it even after telling me yesterday to get the phone # and call about it.

Here is all the info I have on the house.
Rent: $650
Deposit: $650
Pets - yes
Bdrm - 2
Bathrm - 1
Laundry Unit Hookups
Carpet, new floor after Hurricane Katrina, New Roof after Hurricane Katrina
Central Air and Heat
They bought the house in 1963, house is fully paid for (no surprises with forclosing)

Reasons to move:
Yard for our dog,
regular water (We can't fix koolaid with the water, I now have to go purchase bottle water to make koolaid!! The water is cloudy),
no more faucet leaks (Faucet leak in bathroom and in kitchen (new)),
no more rain coming in our door,
no more trying to stay warm with electric heaters,
no more laundry mat, (has hookups). lol
I will give a list of what needs to be fixed here before we move, so she knows everything.

I just talked with our landlady and she wished us luck and told me to just tell the guy to give her a call and to mention his name.

Hubby needs to fix our van and he brought that up, he said I guess I will sell it, it has been sitting for almost 2 years now. I don't know if it can be fixed, no one has looked at it.

I want out of this trailer. It is an old trailer and I can't stand it here anymore. I hope hubby and I can come to an agreement. I really want this house and I don't know where we will find another house that is in our price range and take our 14 year old dog who is a medium sized dog. Most places say no pets or small pets.

The owner made it sound real nice, so I am hoping it is as nice as it sounds and hubby will say yes to us moving. Our landlady told me we can pay 1/2 the rent if we choose to. So that will need to be disgussed.

Praying we get the house.

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