May 16, 2008

Sex In The City Movie

This was my Favorite program to watch! I never missed an episode and I was so upset when they ended the show. I use to stay up late just to see what new thing Carrie or Samantha got into. lol Samantha was my favorite, then Carrie. I got my daughter into watching it. So guess who has a date the weekend the movie comes out? I DO! My daughter called and told me we were going. lol

Here is a bit about the soundtrack of the movie:
Sex and the City ---- The Soundtrack

That's right Ladies! (cue music) Hang on to your fabulous feathered hats!

We are thrilled to announce that One2One is partnering with New Line Records to promote the soundtrack for what is considered by some to be the ladies' movie event of the year!

Sex and the City: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack will be released on May 27th and the film is in theaters May 30th!

The soundtrack features a brand-new song "Labels or Love" sung by pop superstar Fergie. Listen to it here.

It also boasts a brand-new song, "All Dressed For Love" from Oscar-winning diva Jennifer Hudson who plays a personal assistant to Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) in the film. Listen to it here.

Other highlights from this 'getting-ready-to-go-out' soundtrack include a fantastic cover of Don Henley's "The Heart of the Matter" from India.Arie, the classic "Walk This Way" from Aerosmith/Run DMC as well as great tracks from Al Green with Joss Stone, Jem and many more including the Sex and the City movie theme song.

Timing for Sex and the City project: Now through June

Project directives you can opt-in to:

  • Give away free song download cards to your friends

  • Pass around the SATC movie widget online

  • Write album reviews at retail sites or on blogs

  • Do a contest on your site or blog giving away soundtrack CDs and movie posters

  • Perks and Incentives Include:
  • Five $100 Spa Certificates

  • Movie Tickets

  • Soundtrack CDs & Download Cards

  • Movie Posters

  • Knock-Off Bags (Ok, so we can't afford the real thing but we know where to get really good fakes...don't ask, don't tell i always say!)

  • Click here for more info on the soundtrack or to pre-order it!

    If you're a SATC junkie, check out the film company's SATC blog for real time updates and photos!

    Sign up for the Sex and the City O2O Network Team!

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