May 5, 2008

Lost and Found Diamond Ring

Last night there was a knock at the door, it was a young woman asking if we could give her the name of a cab service. We did and gave her the phone # also. Now with the stuff that has happened around here in the past 2 weeks, my hubby kept watch out the window.

He saw the young woman and her boyfriend/husband in what looked like a fight. We don't know, we didn't go out to find out. Just watched. My hubby thought he saw something drop out of her hands, but he wasn't sure than he thought maybe it was just the cell phone he was trying to grab out of her hand.

Being nosey, this morning he went looking and he found a nice Diamond ring and told me he was going to have it sized to fit me. We didn't know it belonged to this young lady, they didn't look on the ground for anything, and well, like I said 2 weeks of stuff has happened, so it could have been from anyone here.

Well, this morning around 9 am the young lady came back and knocked on the door and asked me if we had found a ring. I called my hubby and told him to give the ring to the young lady. I didn't feel right keeping it after finding out it was hers. Come to find out it was her grandmother's ring and worth a lot of money!

The man she was with offered my hubby a reward for the return of the ring, and hubby turned it down and told them to be more careful, because the next time someone may not be so truthful. (That is true around here).

I feel so much better that the young lady has her ring back. As much as I want mine replaced, I don't want it to be replaced like that. I have my grandmother's ring, and if I had lost it, I'd be very upset and I'd want it returned.

So I hope that after reading this, if you ever find something like that, you try to find the owner before keeping it.

Remember, Good things come to those who are honest.

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