May 9, 2008

Finally this week is over

My week from Wednesday to now has been ok, but not great!

Hubby hurt his hand at work. He bent his middle finger back and it swole up. His boss sent him home to put ice on it. The stupid assistant they have kept saying he needed to go to the dr. for x-rays.

Well, for a few answers to the doctor problem:

1 they can't x-ray it if it is swollen, we have been told that by a doctor before.
2. if he had torn a ligament or anything, it would not show on an x-ray. He can move his fingers, so there is no reason for an x-ray.

His boss told him to take yesterday and today off, now he is only being paid for Wednesday and yesterday because he didn't go to the doctor. DOES THAT MAKE SENSE??
I am just happy he will have at least a 4 day paycheck next week.

I woke up this morning with my back hurting me. I went with my hubby to cash his pay check and to get breakfast. After eating I took a pain pill around 8:30am and I have felt weird ever sense.

I feel naucious, my insides feel shacky, it is a weird feeling. I took alka seltzer to get rid of the nauciousness at noon, and all I have doing is burbing. I ate 2 slices of toast and peanut butter and then about 3 hours ago I had some french fries. The only way I feel better is if I lay down. I really hate feeling this way.

I went to the doctor to get meds for my back and the muscle relaxers make me want to sleep for 2 days (day and night) I can't shake the tired feeling on 1 pill, and the pain killers make me feel like this, so I guess I am back to where I was in dealing with the pain, because I will not be taking Tramadol (pain killer) anymore!

Today has made 1 week past the time I was suppose to hear from the Department of Education and I still have heard nothing from them. I don't want to call, they are so rude, but I would love to know the answer about my student loan.

I am keeping with the saying no news is good news and will give them until the end of May and then make the call that will be well past the 90 days they said it would take.

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