Jun 12, 2011


I'm writing about everything that happened yesterday at Walmart!

I go to Walmart to put in my husbands new prescriptions. They are closed, at lunch, so no problem. I went to McDonalds, had a bite to eat while I waited for them to come back. After eating, I go back to the pharmacy and from there it went down hill!

First of all, my husband and I have that new medicaid from Obama. It was something offered by our dr's office, not knowing it was Obama care, we signed up as this is a dr's office based on your income and everyone who filled out the paperwork got a free visit at the dr's office that day. Well, we took advantage of it because that helped us tremendously that day!

Anyway, I was told that the paper the prescription was on was not tamper proof paper or something so they couldn't do anything until Monday and they had to call the dr's office. Now for 1 that's stupid!  Not everyone can wait for the medicine!

Secondly, knowing the dr's office as I do, they are NOT going to call them back ASAP! lol So I told the girl to give me back that card and gave her my RX prescription card (blue card, got it free) and asked for a price on both. She asked me to come back in 5 minutes. Ok no problem.

I go back in 5 minutes and one prescription is $40! I said NO I'll take it back and bring it to the dr's office pharmacy to fill! It's only $13 there! lol I tell them to fill the other because it's only $6!

I go finish shopping then go back to pharmacy to pick up that new prescription and my husbands blood pressure meds (I called in on Thursday evening) and was told they didn't fill his blood pressure medicine and was waiting for the dr's office to call back! That's all the girl would tell me and that pissed me off a lot! She didn't even want to ask what was up for me!

So I pick up my phone and call my husband and ask him to read to me what was on the bottle I called in and he said "Partial refill available". I said it out loud and got the pharmacists attention! The problem was they didn't know if they should fill the 20 pills he had left because it wasn't a full 30 day supply! REALLY!! You are joking right? The pharmacist asked if I wanted it filled and I said "YES, he's completely out!"

WHY IN THE HELL DID THEY NOT CALL ME on Friday instead of calling the dr????? I just don't understand! Can someone explain that to me?  I have a new script, but didn't bring it with me because he had a refill on the one I called in!

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