Dec 1, 2010

Who I Would Gift Boxed Chocolates To

Another opportunity from mombloggers club! I absolutely love these kinds of posts!

They want to know which of the following I would gift boxed chocolates to and why.
A. Family
B. Friends/Co-Workers
C. Host/Hostess
D. Teachers
E. Service Providers (i.e. mailman, hairstylist)
F. Other – who did we miss?

LOL Well, lets see, I think I would give the boxed chocolates to my mom! I know my mom can't have sweets like she use to be able to, and this makes it a special treat for her. She loved the box of 6 cookies I sent her last year. She ate them sparingly and said it was nice to have that special dessert when she wanted something a little sweet.

Hershey's has some nicely boxed Chocolates that are perfect for gift giving!

Have a look at their Site I'm sure you'll find some delicious way to say "Hello" Happy Holidays!

Disclaimer: Other than letting you know about these delicious boxes of yummines, I wrote this post as an entry in a contest for a Hershey’s Pot of Gold prize pack as a member of the Mom Bloggers Club.

For Further Reading,
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