Feb 3, 2010

My Amarylliss Plant

I received an Amarylliss Plant for Christmas from my husband. He knows I love plants and I always wanted an Amarylliss, so he surprised me with one. I planted it on Christmas evening after everyone was gone. I kept the box so I'd know how the plant should look at how many weeks, etc.

Well, I took pictures on Jan. 18th which was 24 days after I planted it, then on January 25th when it made 1 month (31 days) and on Feb. 1st when it was 37 days or 7 weeks.

This plant is HUGE! lol I never knew it would be that tall! It leans towards the sunlight and if I have the heater on, it leans towards that! So at the moment, it's leaning on my TV Stand

January 18thJanuary 25thFebruary 1st

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