Jul 19, 2009


I'm tired, I've been having a headache every single day and today I found out our rent will be going up! The rent going up isn't bad though, it's only raised $10, so that's really good! I was holding my breath and praying when the landlord was telling us. lol

I've been trying to do this All You Grocery Challenge that is going on with the ALL You Magazine people. I'm trying the best that I can, and I'm praying I have a chance to win!

The winner receives a $1000 Grocery Card and a Year's worth of Knorr Products. It would be so nice to win that, but the only problem I see are the area's were the stores double coupons etc. To me that isn't quite fair to those of us who don't have a store that does that!

The Rules are to spend ONLY $25 per person per household. That limits me to $50 in food and drink for 2 people, you don't include your household items (tissue paper, shampoo, pet food, etc.)

This really gives you a prespective on how you spend you money too. lol I spent $32.66 at Wal-Mart yesterday and although I didn't really get a lot of food, I'm not worried because:

  • A) I have a lot in my pantry and freezer
  • B) I know I can spend $50 at Save A Lot next week (Friday) and have a LOT of food!
  • Not to mention the MGR there owe's me a $5 credit because he REFUSED to accept my coupon that was valid and he said it wasn't! District MGR handled it and it is valid and I can use it after the expiration date. lol The District MGR was cool about it. So that would make it $45 spent. Then August 7th and 14th I won't have to spend as much (fingers crossed).

    Anyway, I just like to update my blog on my daily things going on in my life. I will start to update on my money blog soon. Need to update all the money I've made last month!

    Good Night and I hope your week is a GREAT one!

    Thanks for visiting my blog,

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