Jul 24, 2009

Do Store Employees Actually Know What They Need To Know About Store Policies?

I went to the grocery store 2 weeks ago (7-10-09) I had a $5 off coupon to use and the cashier told me that they didn't accept coupons off the Internet. Now this wasn't just a coupon, it was a coupon from the store rewarding their loyal customers, I got it off the store's site.

I asked to speak with the MGR and the manager would not even take the coupon out of my hand to see that it was in fact a valid coupon. Now I spoke with the District MGR and he apologized and told me I could use the coupon even though it would be expired.

Today I went back to use that coupon. I spoke with the cashier before she rung me up and she got the MGR (a different MGR) and I started to explain to him what happened and that I spoke with the district MGR and he told the cashier to scan the coupon. lol He looked at the coupon and said it was valid.

After that, I went to Wal-Mart to get some things, I presented the cashier my coupons (Internet coupons) and the cashier told me they don't accept paper coupons. LOL Now I asked what did she mean because ALL coupons are paper.

She then said Internet coupons and I pulled out my handy copy of Wal-Marts coupon policy (I HIGHLY recommend you carrying that with you as I needed mine today for the first time EVER). She got the CSM and the CSM said they don't take them.

I gave the CSM the coupon policy that says the do accept them and she said she'd be right back she had to talk with the store MGR. I got so upset I was ready to leave the store as it took her over 5 minutes to get back with me.

I felt embarrassed because they had other customers in back of me who heard what was going on, but they wanted to pay for their groceries and leave. I didn't blame them!

I'm left wondering if these stores train their employees to the fullest capacity. I mean this cashier was young and acted like she didn't understand me at all! All she knew to say was we don't accept them!

Has anyone ever been through this?? Did you feel embarrassed?

My sister said she wouldn't have felt embarrassed because I was well within my right as a consumer to use my coupons.

What do you think?

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