Jan 7, 2009

Second Hand Stores Will Stop Selling Children's Clothes

On Feb 10th any second hand store etc will have to close their doors
To selling ANYTHING to do with children under the age of 12. It will
Even be illegal for them to donate to good causes.

There is a new law that comes into effect that day that all materials
For any item for a child under 12 HAS to be tested for lead and the
Poisons in plastics. Now this part is a wonderful thing for new products
But what happens to all the items up to this point?

Well they have to go to the landfill or be tested which would cost
1000's of dollars for places that can't afford it. You won't even be
Able to sell them at yard sales legally!

So please read this letter that is to be sent to the Capitol!

Please take the time to read the letter before you decide against
Sending one.

Something has to be done.


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