Jan 14, 2009

A Ray of Hope for the Newly Unemployed

A Ray of Hope for the Newly Unemployed:

Modest Needs makes Bridge grants by remitting payment to a creditor for a relatively small, emergency expense on behalf of an individual or family suffering from short-term unemployment due to the current economic downturn.

In making a Bridge Grant, our goal is to allow a person who has recently become unemployed through no fault of his or her own AND who has yet to find a new position OR to begin receiving the unemployment benefits to which s/he is entitled to continue to look for work without having to worry - at least in the short term - about losing
his or her home, car, health insurance, child care, or other items / services essential to an individual's ability to look for / accept new employment and / or to remain self-sufficient while that person is waiting for his or her unemployment benefits to start.

Read all info & eligibility requirements here.....


For Further Reading,
Help for Unemployed


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