Oct 8, 2008

We think we know what is the cause of the strange happening in our home

It was storming yesterday. I got hungry and wanted to fix something to eat and found water (yellowish) on my stove again! Now we were home this time and did not hear anything climbing on the counter. lol

I called my hubby and showed him, we still could not find out what was happening. A few hours later I went back to the counter and found more! This time there was more on the counter instead of the stove. It was then that we found that we have a LEAK!

We don't know how, but when it rains, water is getting into one of our cabinets and coming down the light fixture/air duct over our stove.

So we are going to go on top of the roof this weekend to see what needs fixing. LOL
I am just glad we now know what the heck was causing the problem.

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