Oct 6, 2008

Bill Payment Centers

Have you ever made a bill payment at a pay center? If so did you think that payment would go directly to your account?

Well, sometimes if the pay center is affiliated with that company, it will post directly to your account. Most of the time, they are not affiliated and it takes a few days for it to post.
I just found this out.

I made a payment on our water bill and cable bill at the pay center that is 3 blocks away from my home. Not knowing that this place is working for an independant company. The independant company picks up all payments and post them to your account. Talk about a pain in the butt!

I called the water company this morning to make sure they received the payment and told the woman I paid at a pay center and she informed me that they are not affiliated with pay centers, which got me very worried. So I called the pay center and he told me about the independant company contract.

My cable is the same way. I made a payment, I called and I spoke with someone in collections and guess what there was NOTHING she could do for me. All she did was put a notation on my account that I made a payment, when and what time. Hopefully that will keep my service on. She couldn't even give me an extension to give the payment time to get there. :(

So I wonder why they have these companies that do this? Why do they have pay centers if they are not there to help us and post our payments when we make them? I just don't understand this at all........I paid my bills, but they are still unpaid. Sounds so unreal.

So if you pay your bills at the pay center, please do yourself the favor and ask if it posts to your account from them or is it an independant contract? If it's independant, go to the company and pay it....save yourself the aggravation.

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