Sep 30, 2008

Is A 2nd Rebate Check Coming this Fall?

2nd Stimulus Check Appears to be Dead

Lost in all the coverage of the $700 Billion Bailout Package was news that Congress last last week shelved a bill that would have started the wheels turning on a 2nd Economic Stimulus Check this fall.

The biggest reason is that with Congress grappling with how to fund a $700 Billion financial rescue plan, no one had the time or stomach to find funding for another $50 Billion in Rebate Checks for Taxpayers.

It's conceivable the plan could be resurrected before the end of the year, but the Bush Administration has expressed no support for a 2nd Stimulus at any point, and Democratic support appears to be waning due to the incredible cost of the financial bailout.

Doesn't that Stink? Wall Street fails, so our hopes for another rebate check to help pay for gas and groceries goes out the window.

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I was hoping we would actually get another check. When I learned that we needed congress to approve a $700 Billion bail out for our economy situation, I knew it was dead in the water!

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sheena said...

the only thing that i wanted to say is i really hope that they would go and pass the 2nd rebate check because i could really use it for the hoily days thats just around the corner...thanks

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