Aug 8, 2008

It takes a sick person to do this

One of my online friends has a cat named Tiger and he was missing yesterday. She said he never stays gone for longer than 2 hours, and she was worried about him. Well, she found him last night and he was dead.

Now this is the part that is so sick!

Straight from her email:
"We found our cat. He is dead. His insides were removed. What a horrible, horrible thing to deal with."

She said she will write later today and tell her friends what happened and when she does, I will either add to this post or start a new one, but OMG what kind of person would do that to an animal?!

She has kids, and now has to explain to them what happened to their cat. I don't think the kids found him, at least I hope they didn't that would be so awful for them to have that picture in their heads at bedtime.

God Bless Tiger!

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