Aug 19, 2008

25 Easy Money-Saving Tips

25 Easy Money-Saving Tips
By: Terri Seymour

1. Cut out the soda and drink more water! You'd be
surprised how much you will save.

2. Go over your grocery list. Try buying more off-brands.
Most of the ones I've tried are just as good as their more
expensive counterparts.

3. Buy clothes and shoes for you and the kids from the
clearance racks. I have been buying my sons' school clothes
this way for years!

4. Get movies from the library instead of renting them.

5. Same with books, borrow instead of buy. We usually
only read them once anyway.

6. Go on a picnic instead of going to the restaurant. It
is more fun and much cheaper!

7. Toss all your change in a "piggy bank" of some kind and
let it accumulate for a few months or longer. You will think
you struck it rich! (Not really, but it does add up)

8. If you have all the movie channels, cut them down a bit.
Most of the movies rotate through them all anyway.

9. Do your laundry at night. The rates are cheaper.

10. Give your clothes an extra spin as it costs less to run
a washer than the dryer.

11. Ask your credit card companies for a lower interest
rate. Sometimes rather than lose a good customer, they
will grant your wish!

12. Buy your holiday decorations AFTER the holiday. You
can save up to 75% or more.

13. Turn down your heat a couple degrees more at night
and throw on an extra blanket.

14. Clean behind your refrigerator at least once a year to
get out all the dust and dirt that can cost you more money.

15. Save empty bread bags and grocery bags instead of
buying box after box of storage bags.

16. Keep your car tune and your tires properly inflated
to save money on gas.

17. Buy inexpensive fabric for cloth napkins, doilies, etc.

18. Be creative when it comes to decorating. Use sheets to
make curtains. Use an old quilt as a cozy wall-hanging.
Create an artful display with family photos.

19. Save the new, convenient plastic coffee cans with handles.
Paint them, decorate them and use them for organizers for
kids art supplies, your CDs, pens & pencils, food envelopes,
recipes, craft supplies, etc.

20. Turn unused stuff into money. If you have a gift you
haven't used or that shirt you bought and never wore,
take them back to the store. You might not get full price,
but some is better than none.

21. Use petroleum jelly to remove make-up. It is much
more economical then beauty products made for
removing make-up.

22. Hydrogen peroxide can be used to kill germs in cuts
and sores rather then expensive antibiotic medicines.

23. Make windowsill or container gardens and grow
herbs and fresh vegetables.

24. Instead of a night on the town, send the kids to Grandma's
and have a romantic night at home.

25. Make and STICK TO a budget!

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