Jul 23, 2008

What does the phrase out going mail mean?

Well, according to answers.com the definition of outgoing is an adjective and it means:

1. Going out or away; departing: an outgoing passenger train.
a. Retiring from or relinquishing a place, position, or office: the outgoing chairperson.
b. Addressed for sending: outgoing mail.
c. Sociable and responsive to others; friendly: a warm, outgoing personality.
2. Intended to be taken out, as from a restaurant: outgoing orders of Chinese food.

So from those terms, we can determine that outgoing mail means: Addressed for sending.

This means that if you put something in the mail box addressed to send out, you would expect that the mail person would take it and put it in his truck to bring to the PO for you right? NO not mine!

My Story:
I have a mail box that does not have the flag to lift for outgoing mail on it. It actually broke off before we moved in this house. I put outgoing mail in the mail box and put a NOTE on the front of the mail box and it read "outgoing mail inside thanks". Now a normal person would read that and think to remove the outgoing mail right?!

I just went outside to get the mail and what is STILL inside my mail box? MY OUT GOING MAIL!!!

I just don't get it! I am so upset with the mail man right now. I think it was our regular mail man too, and he has been bringing us our mail from the old address, but that is unexceptable!

I had 1 package and 1 envelope and the mail man didn't pay them any attention all he did was put the 1 piece of mail I had in the mail box and left!

If you have any comments on this, I'd love to read them.

What do you think of the USPS?

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