Jul 20, 2008

Other Legitamite Ways I Make Money On The Internet Besides eBay Sales.

eBay doesn't have to be the only way of making money online. Having multiple streams of income is what will get you through the slow times. You can always put eBay on the back burner during the summer months until fall - when eBay buying activity generally picks up again. Here are some ways that I use the internet to make extra money. It takes time to build these up, and they won't make you a rich, but I do make money from them.

Save while you shop!
Big Crumbs is one of the very few sites to give you CASH back on all of your online shopping! They give you a profile page similar to face book and if you sell on eBay - you can promote your eBay sales through your Big Crumbs profile, too!!

Earn money for promoting your eBay items!

Write How-To articles for eHow.
You get paid by the number of times your article is read. Everybody knows how to do something - bake a special cake, entertain a 2 year old, mystery shop, clean a bathtub, plant a garden, etc. Here are my articles on eHow.
You won't make much the first few months and it might take you 2 months to reach payout, but as time goes by and your articles accumulate, you will start making more money.

Here is my June payment from eHow (click the image to see it close up):

Gather is a place to connect with people who share your passions. Let your unique voice shine through the articles, images, reviews, or audio you publish. We'll even compensate you with Gather Points™. Being rewarded for something you'd do for free? Now that's a pretty good deal.

At myLot you are paid for participating in discussions. It is completely free to join and there are thousands of topics to talk about. If you don’t find a handful of discussions about your interests, you can always create new discussions that interest you. You are paid for all your activity on the site and for your referrals’ activity as well. I have made $27 on mylot. I could have made more, but I have not been as active in May and June.

I love this site. You earn points for reading the news, playing games, meeting new friends, etc. If you click to the max points a day (1,500) in 17 days you can earn a Visa GC for $50. Or if you do 1,000 points you can get the card in 25 days.

You can earn points just for signing up, and they’ll even give you extra points if you enter the referral code below. You can earn even more points for doing things like posting messages on the Discussion Boards, creating a Profile, signing up for and reading the newsletter, adding your city to MyTowne, playing the trivia contest, and more. You have a chance to win $1,000 by playing the scavenger hunt!

Come join me and don't forget to enter the Referral Code: 739452249

is the only free corporate health and wellness program that rewards participants for doing sensible healthy things and compensates employers for their employees' participation.

* Online wellness portal: featuring sensible fitness and nutrition with easy-to-use interactive exercise tracking, menu planning, and overall progress monitoring.
* Dynamic health management tool: maintain online personal records 24/7, give access to doctors, and ensure readiness for personal and family emergencies.
* Comprehensive health risk assessment: analyzing actual risks for certain diseases for individuals and your organization.

No cost to you, employees, and family. Participants literally make money using wellness360 services. The more they do, the greater the share of revenues.

A few things are:
- Diet and fitness tracking,
- Personal health record,
- Emergency medical record,
- Medical and wellness library
- Free Genetic Testing

You also earn 25% of what your referrals make 3 levels deep and can cashout once you hit $25. I cashed out for $61. WOW!

I think it's a pretty cool site. You pretty much get paid to do things on the site such as take health exams and enter what you ate for the day or the exercise you did...

If you would like to join here is my link:
https://www.mywellness360.com/enrollWB.aspx?&source=ahm&broker=811168 My referral code is 811168

One more good one is Google Adsense. If you have a blog or website, and don't have Google Adsense, you are missing out. This is a pay-per-click program. One you get it going on autopilot, you can make some good money. There are people who make hundreds or thousands a month, but since I am doing multiple things, I don't make that much. I haven't made that much to reach payout, but when I do reach payout, it will be like money in the bank! lol

These are just a few things I do. I will admit, whenever I see "make money on the internet ads," I am skeptical and think "SCAM!" But some are legitimate. Since eBay has restricted the outgoing links on your About Me Page, you may want to consider starting a blog where you can tie all of these things together to work for you each month.

Please feel free to post a comment about your favorite site to make money from.

For Further Reading,
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