Jul 29, 2008

OMG I have a page rank! WOO HOO!

I know it sounds a bit rediculous to be so excited to have a page ranking, but you see, I haven't had my domain name that long. I have only had it for I think 3 months now and it is very hard to get page rankings.

I rank 1/10 I am at the bottom of the totum poll sort of speak,lol but that's ok at least I have a rank now. lol

I am so happy about this and now I can go to sleep very happy with my accomplishment on page ranking.

I will put the button on my blog tomorrow as I finish updating the look of my blog. lol

I think I pulled a muscle yesterday when I organized the second room. See we are using the second room as a storage room for now until all of it is unpacked, and since there is so much, I had to organize it. My daughter's stuff is not to be touched, so I had to find it all and get it in one corner of the room (corner was a whole wall! lol). Now I can take my time in opening boxes and all the eBay stuff is together, so I can start listing everything! :)

Good Night

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