Jul 20, 2008

My Daughter got engaged!

My daughter and her boyfriend went to Gatlinburg Tennessee to Dollywood with his parents last week. She came back engaged!

They have set the date for July 25, 2009. I hope they can save up enough money for their wedding. There is NO way I will let my daughter plan a $10,000 wedding! There is NO money for that. Maybe $2,000 - $3,000 and that is stretching it, but it is her big day and I want it to be a nice as possible. They are trying to save at least $1,000 and if we can donate $1,000 and his parents can donate that much, then everything should go smoothly. lol Hopefully it will be cheaper, but I doubt it. lol

She is thinking about having a classic wedding I think she said classic. lol
She was thinking of having the matron of honor in a black and white dress.
I DON'T like that idea, so I hope I can change her mind of those colors. lol
I thought she would actually choose pink, and now she is saying black and white. lol I have some time to convience her that those colors are not the right colors for her wedding.

I just hope the groom loosens up a bit. He is still getting to know us and we are still getting to know him, so he isn't too relaxed yet, but I sure hope that happens soon.

So needless to say, I will probably start a blog about everything going on with the wedding. lol

Stay tuned!

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