Jun 2, 2008

Slowly Packing

OMG my daughter came home yesterday to go through some of her stuff and we filled our garbage can with stuff she didn't want any more. She did real good in giving to good will also. There is a full box of her clothes and stuffed animals. lol

I went through some of the cabinets today and I got rid of about 5 bags of stuff that is old too. This is sort of fun packing to move, but at the same time, I am hurting. My shoulder is hurting and I mean painfully hurting and my back was killing me last night. I can't take a pain pill because they make me sick, so I am going to ask my dr for a different kind when I go on Thursday for the Pap Smear.

I was wondering who or why someone named that test this name. I think it is weird. lol So I looked online and I found this:

"The pap smear, a test for cervical cancer, is named for George N. Papanicolaou, who invented the test." http://www.infoplease.com/askeds/origin-pap-smear.html

So it is named after someone with the name Pap in his last name. Well that solved the mystery didn't it.

Ok going to finish reading my email and then getting dinner ready. Pork steak and potato salad. I know it isn't healthy, but that's what I have.

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