May 31, 2008

We got the house! YAY!!

We are so excited. We got the house we looked at on Wednesday. Now we need to purchase a fridge and a washer and gas dryer and a full sized bed or bedrm set. lol

I got the call yesterday while hubby was still at work. The man said our landlady gave us a very good reference and I had to run down to hubby's work (1 block away) and tell him to tell the guy taking his bosses place (boss on vacation) to call the man with a reference. The man told me he got a recording when he called. Anyway, we found out around 4pm central time yesterday.

I am going to start to go through things this evening and tomorrow.
I am ditching anything that is too old I can replace it after we move. :)

I really feel that this was meant for us. What are the odds to find a house for rent in our price range and down the street from where we already live and from his work. I'd guess about 1000-1 or more. lol We have looked and places are going for $800 and more and they don't look as nice as this house does.

I will post pictures when I get them. I plan on taking pics as soon as I get the key in my hand. So I may not post as much while I am packing and then unpacking. I need to transfer the cable/internet and I don't know how long it will take for them to hook us up. That is the only problem I have, I love my computer and my tv and don't want to do without them. :)

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