May 2, 2008

No News Is Good News

Has anyone ever told you that when you are waiting for important news? Well, my mother use to tell me that all the time. She'd say, "welll honey, no news is good news, so get it off your mind".

I only wish I could get it off my mind. I am still waiting to hear if my student loan is dismissed or not. I was told I'd hear something by today, and well, there was nothing in the mail from the Department of Education today, so I am trying to forget about it like my momma always told me :)

Still praying that the news when it comes, will be in my favor and it will be dismissed. I don't have the money, I don't work (can't) so how do they plan on getting thier $16,000 from me? They are trying to get it from my hubby and he isn't pleased with that at all. lol

Not to mention they waited about 20 years before they decided to start collecting.

Has anyone been in this situation? Was your loan dismissed? How did you get it done?

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