May 15, 2008

Dr. appt's made YAY!!

Ok I let hubby stay home from work today. He made me proud yesterday in working a full day with his chest and arms hurting like they were. He actually picked me a rose at work and brought it home to me at lunch.

Still could not get him to go to the ER.
Reason:"I got him to do that before and they didn't find anything wrong with him", so I got him to agree to go see my doctor. YAY!!! He knows I am very worried about him, and so I think that's why he is going to the doctor.

I just made the appointment today for Monday afternoon. I am so happy he will finally get the medical care he needs. He will have blood pressure pills and I know he has acid reflux, so that will be taken care of too. He has asthma and he works in a hot metal building, so it is twice as hot in there during those extremely HOT days.

I made my appointment for my pap test. Step 2 of me getting myself better. I am happy that I am on the track to getting myself feeling better, I wish I had done this a long time ago, but I guess better LATE than NEVER! lol

Still waiting on the Department Of Education to send me some kind of notice. I hate waiting, but I don't mind waiting when it is something like this. lol I want good news and so I am hoping NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS IS APPLYING TO THIS!

It has been 15 weeks as of Tuesday passed since they've received the form I sent in. I just hope the mail man didn't make a mistake and put my mail in someone else's box, I'll never know then. Prayers that isn't the case

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