Mar 13, 2008

Interesting Business Owner

Today was interesting to say the least. My daughter calls me a 8 am upset that her boss may not be able to pay her tomorrow because she is sequestered on a jury. Now I ask you does this seem right? I mean I would think if this person is going to be a business owner and be the only one that can do things, she should have been able to get out of it or make other arrangements. Oh this is a day care owner folks and she owns 2 of them.

I spent time today trying to add to my other blogs, for extra money and for shopping and earning money at home with WAHM companies. Although I am not sure of the name so for now it will remain "wahm specialties". lol Listed under my other blogs as Companies I rep for.

Then when my daughter got off work we went to the PO to mail off my student loan dismissal papers AGAIN! This time I did it certified with a return receipt. lol I want to know these people got it this time. I know I can have the loan dismissed, and they just are being ignorant. Anyway, to mail that it was almost $6. WOW expensive for something I am trying to get rid off, but worth it to know they received the document this time. I waited 6 weeks from the last time I sent it and have heard NOTHING!

Then we went to the store and man did they have a nice sale on fruit! I got apples, oranges, bananas and grapes. I am trying to start my diet. Still have some birthday cake to get rid of, but I should have a problem with it. Not too much left. :)

Having beef stew for dinner, hope the can is enough, but if it isn't, I'll eat an orange or something. :)


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